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Mediation can help craft unique remedies for conflicts in health care settings

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Health Care Conflicts Mediation

Mediation services are proving especially valuable in the health care setting. With all the changes in health care the possibilities for areas of conflict are growing.

MCMC has brought conflict resolution services and mediation training to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, care managers and others involved in providing this essential part of our community life.

Having productive conversations in the midst of high emotion and crises of conflict is essential to establishing the basis for resolution which may involve financial issues, better communication, changes in procedures, or a simple apology. Trained mediators can help foster the setting for resolution of disputes in the health care field.


Additional Information

Contact MCMC for more information on how we can assist patients, staff, administrators, dentists or doctors in resolving conflicts in a health care setting. We also offer a free, short presentation on resolving conflicts at your facility.